1. earn
    earn/make money

earn reputation 名声、名誉
earn a living by teaching students
(口) You earn it! = You deserve it! 你应得的/活该

  1. reach the World Cup finals 挺进决赛
  • reach v. 到达,达到,实现,够
    辨析:reach,arrive in/at,get to

Have you arrivedget to yet?
reach an agreement/conclution
Put the medicine where the kids can't reach = out of kids' reach **

  • final adj. 最后的
    *the final straw 压垮骆驼的最后一根稻草
  1. 决赛,期末考试
  2. a fresh water supply
  3. 供给,供应,储备
  4. supply/supply of food in ruuning out;

be in short supply 短缺

  1. = offer
  2. mean - meant /e/
  3. meaning
  4. meaningful/meaningless
    *means = method
  5. mean 小气,刻薄
  6. abroad
  7. and abroad 国内外

*aboard 登船

  1. hundreds of thousands of 数不清的
  2. hundred of the students 学生中的300个

serval hundred 几百(*a few ~)

  1. set up 建立、创立 → build
    The people who make up Greenpeace are from all over the world.

(make up 组成 → be made up of)

  1. help yourselves 帮助自己
  2. yourselve 自取,(在别人家中)放轻松
  3. escape v. = run away (from)
  4. the punishment/being punished

*narrow escape 九死一生


//这节课以讲定语从句为主, EIM的部分只讲了一个词法点

  1. feel well 身体健康


    1. 健康的 → feel better 顺利的
      *feel good 感觉爽

Get well soon! 早日康复
All is well 万事如意 → *All's well that ends well.

    1. do well in → do poorly in
      Well done! 干的好

It goes well.
well-organized, well-worth


  1. space
  • 缝隙 [c]
    look at the space that ... in
    take up too much space / make some space for me
  • 空间[uc] = room
  • (没有建筑物的) 开放空地 [c]
    There are plenty of open spaces.

    fewer and fewer space
    less and less space

  • 太空 [uc]
    go to space
  • *(口)
    We need space,
    = Leave me alone.
  1. lie
  • 谎言 n. [c]
    tell lies to others / tell a lie
  • 说谎 v. (lie - lied - lied)
    lie to me
  • 躺, 位于, 坐落于 v. (lie - lay - laid)
    The Forbidden City lies in the centre of Beijing.
  • 放置, 下蛋 v. (lie - laid - laid)
    The robot laid the breakfast on the table.

The boy lying on the ground lied to me that he had laid a book on the table yesterday.

  • jump 向前跃
  • hop 上下跳跃
  • beat 有节奏的跳动
  1. shock
It's a big shock/fright.  
shocking news / breaking news  
  1. 听见某人做某事
  • hear sb. doing 正在...(时间点 / when)
  • hear sb. do 经常(无论频率高低)

    I never see him play baseball
    I hear him sing.
    He is heard to sing.
    I hear he sings / sang / was singing (我听说, 无被动)

  1. courage n.
    take courage to do sth.
We are encouraged by an encouraging speech.  
  1. no serious problems(伤痕)
    injury / wound

take ... seriously

  1. have an interview with ...
  2. interview ...

    interviewer, interviewee
  3. add 补充说明

    Can you add more examples?  
    I did what I thought was right.  
     = I did the thing that I thought was right.